A Study Group has been established to do background research on various aspects of the Planning System and also site specific details of Scone North (H29). This will enable us to provide residents with more informed analysis of the major housing developement proposal once is lodged with PKC and publically available. The Study Group can reached here: northscone@outlook.com

SDCC SG Minutes Nov2016

Questionnaire: sdcc-sd-questionnaire-results-30-8-16

Questions to PKC included w. questionnaire: sdcc-sg-qs-included-w-questionnaire

SDCC Study Group Newsletter – August 2016

Meeting notes here

Study Group Remit

SG Handout May16

Information Sheet May 16 (Click to enlarge)

Pollution in Perth

Our Council had to declare Perth City an Air Quality Management Area in 2006 due to levels of noxious gasses, this is latest report. It is very technical but shows that Bridgend is still breaking government targets. Perth_and_Kinross_Air_Quality_Progress_Report_2013 2