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SDCC Meeting with AJ Stephen 19th May 2016

The Committee met with the developer of the proposed H29 North Scone site to attempt to clarify some issues and obtain further supporting information regarding the proposal as outlined in the 2 Public Consultation events. The minutes have not been fully ratified as the Committee felt the amendments requested by the Developer went beyond discussions held on that date.

Draft minutes and AJS response: SDCC AJS 19 May meeting DRAFT Comments from AJS

SDCC Minutes: SDCC meeting AJS 19th May16 DMCK REV

Notes from previous meeting 19th Jan 2016



Scone North (H29) Update

S&DCC is aware that there is an appetite locally for a dedicated public meeting devoted just to the detail and expected impact of Scone North on the village. We intended to call such a meeting for a weekday evening in February however further detail has not been provided by EMAC (on behalf of the developer) and we do not consider it worthwhile without the requested updates

We have asked the developer when they intend to hold their second ‘public consultation event’ but they inform us they have not set a date for it yet therefore we intend to devote most of our February public meeting to the current consultation on LDP2 (see previous post below) as comments must be received on this subject by the Council before 16th March. We will outline how this proposal impacts on the current Scone North (H29) scheme so please make a date in your diary and attend Robert Douglas Memorial Hall at 7:30pm on Monday 29th of this month.


Help with the Planning Process

We concerned that some of the potential “objections”/comments about the Scone North (H29) development, which may be submited to the Council during the Planning Application stage, may be given on an incorrect basis. Any such submissions will only be considered if they are “Material considerations”.
We have prepared a list of typical considerations, which indicate what is taken to be “Material” or “Not material” : Identification of material considerations in planning 030216

Borehole Work

EMAC has informed S&DCC that they need to do borehole tests on the site of the proposed new housing project and we understand this will start next Monday (25th). They stress this is to aid preparation of their planning application submission & is not commencement of building works.